The History and Principles of Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is based on the view that the mind,Guest Posting body and spirit are interconnected. Using this therapeutic method to heal patients involves reconnecting the patient with the root cause of a problem and allowing them to more deeply understand the issues associated with a problem before they can be resolved on physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

Sometimes the main cause of a current problem is actually a traumatic experience stored below the level of conscious awareness which has been affecting the patient’s  well being. Patient experiences may go back to early childhood or prenatal experiences or even into memories stored in the subconscious which may appear to be from past lives. Any patient experience is treated in an accepting and authentic way. Various psychotherapies may be used in the regression process such as hypnosis, Gestalt psychology, psychodrama and body therapy along with transpersonal and energy techniques.

Regression therapy also studies how past experiences or events effect our present behaviour. This can include events which are suppressed and stored in our unconscious mind and which have not been recalled for a long period of time. Regression therapy tries to determine the main reason for certain patient behaviours at which point the therapist does their best to help patients overcome their problems focussing on those problems which are most difficult for patients to handle.

The History of Regression Therapy

As early as the 1950’s, pioneer J.L. Moreno saw regression as an opportunity for clients to gain new insights and to transform them. His group therapy methods were being successfully used in clinical groups and mental health organisations in the United States. Other pioneers and authors in regression therapy include American doctor Morris Netherton, Dutch doctor Hans Tendam and British doctors Roger Woolger and Andy Tomlinson.

Other scientists have completed research on regression therapy which has helped it become accepted by mainstream medicine. This includes the work of Professor Mario Simoes in Portugal and Doctor Terumi Okuyama M.D. who was the first medical doctor in Japan to integrate regression therapy as a part of medical treatment. Other pioneers include Dr. Pavel Gyngazov in Russia, Dr. Newton Kondavati who treats patients in India, and Dr. Julio Peres in Brazil.